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Starter 29 maj 19:00

Arrangør: Geronimo's FGT

Det er ikke muligt at købe billetter til dette arrangement. Begivenheden har allerede fundet sted.

Geronimo's FGT is BEYOND stoked to welcome Californian heavy rockers DEATHCHANT to the stage Wednesday the 29th of May!

Playing their own style of heavy, yet refined, denim-vest-and-leather-boots-biker-rock with heaps of melodious Lizzy-isms, they're quickly on the rise in the scene of gasoline oozing heavy rockage. Armed and Dangerous with their latest rock monolith of an album, entitled "Thrones", they are sure to bust out some serious classic rock riffage, boogie blues, syrupy sludge and psych bombast! Not a single face will be left unmelted, and not a finger will be able to resist the urge to air guitar all through the night!

As support to Deathchant for this evening, we have Stockholm's own hellraising speedfreaks in Alligator! Their rock will hit you in the face like the smell of Lemmy's Leather Jacket of early-era Motörhead! It will kick you in the teeth like a cuban heel boot protruding from a pair of flared jeans outside the Grande Ballroom in Detroit in '69. And it will punch you in the gut like Johnny Rotten just asked you for a fag, and you said no. A fairly new, young and snotty band, they are already local hometown heroes, having gained a following for their fast paced rock action and high energy live shows. Album number one is recorded and in the bag, and is due to see the light later this year. If you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor and catch them live, so you won't forever be branded a wuss. And I'm not talking figuratively, the exhaust pipe is heating up from the gas fumes to serve as a branding iron as we speak...

Doors: 19.00 Alligator: 20.00-20.45 Deathchant: 21.00

Tickets will also be sold in the door from 19.00 so don't be late! Upstairs bar and outdoor seating is open from 17.00.

Don't blow it!

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